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Stock management online

With the Online Inventory Management my-Fenix-Software GmbH offers an online portal with the basic functions of a simple warehouse management software.
With My-Fenix-Stock-Management stock receipts, stock dispatches and inventory counts can be done with a few clicks of with a scanner. All stock changes are logged in the Stock journal . This means that every inventory change can be exactly followed up.
The possibilities for using my-Fenix-Stock-Management are numerous:

  • Management of the beverage stock in the company or at the sports center
  • Stock management of office supplies in a company
  • Management of stocks and/or minimum stocks in the refrigerator or storage room
  • Inventory management and inventory monitoring of materials when operating an online shop
  • Warehouse management software at your own store
With the My-Fenix-Stock-Management, you always have an detailed overview of your stocks. It is immediately recognizable what needs to be ordered and what can be combined with the order. You will be informed daily about the minimum stock levels by mail. The purpose of the small warehouse management software My-Fenix-Stock-Management is to help to optimize the stock levels so that the optimal quantity is on stock. Optimal stock management using My-Fenix-Stock-Management. Try it! Contact us!

Warehouse management with My-Fenix-Stock-Management by my-Fenix-Software GmbH

The My-Fenix-Stock-Management is only a member of the logistics software of my-Fenix-Software GmbH. Have a look at our other products! Visit our main page of logistics software.
On our website my Warehouse Management Software some of our solutions are described. In general, we are also happy to customize our software to meet the requirements of our customers. Feel free to contact us and we can discuss your requirements in particular.

For warehousing and materials management in the field of bodywork and paint stores, our solution KAROSTORE - Your bodywork and paint warehouse was created. The special feature of this solution is that the warehouse management software automatically sends orders by mail to suppliers based on minimum stocks. This solution would be conceivable also e.g. for painter enterprises, sanitary enterprises or carpentry.
A description of the KAROSTORE warehouse management software can be found at KAROSTORE - Your bodywork and paint store.

Do you need a more complex warehouse management software? Contact us! We would be happy to advise you.